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About us

Pharmedistore is the first B to B marketplace dedicated to pharmacists which fits in real time to new market trends with trendy products and cosmetics mainly organic, vegan, eco-friendly, natural, made in Germany, UK or France. Our purpose is to help pharmacists all over Europe to find the best innovative, trendy and efficient products to propose a unique experience to their patients. It is a real opportunity to find out new differentiating products to sell with high margins and make the difference in front of large retails group which break prices on common products such as baby bottle, skincare, dental. Come and join us, it is FREE !..

For sellers, PHARMEDISTORE is also the winning solution. With our network of several thousand pharmacies, we offer them unparalleled visibility for a zero investment: commission-based remuneration on sales only. Very easy to use, salespeople can reach us in a few minutes, without any computer knowledge. We assume 100% of the costs related to payments (CB fees and SEPA direct debit fees).

In short, PHARMEDISTORE allows pharmacists to supply their Parapharmacy shelves with effective, innovative products recommended by their colleagues, at the best price and in a reduced space-time. They will then be able to differentiate themselves, strengthen their advisory role, increase their turnover while offering their patients adapted solutions. For sellers, it is a direct access to more than 15,000 pharmacists, without intermediaries and without additional sales force with the support of our communication supports to make their products known to pharmacies and thus develop their sales in B to B.